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If you're trying to be a bit more innovative, Mirassou Riesling is a delicious option to sparkling wine. It may also help your budget, too, since you could also pair it with food during a lunch or dinner.

There are many reasons to pair Mirassou Riesling with your wedding dessert:

  • Mirassou Riesling has a sweetness that can stand up to desserts. When sweetness is in balance between wine and desserts, both taste their best.
  • Like sparkling wine, Mirassou Riesling has a celebratory feel due to its lively texture, and puts a new twist on the classic beverage for wedding desserts.
  • Bright acidity and ripe fruit flavors are a strong complement to fruit flavors in a dessert, while they contrast effectively against rich, creamy flavors.

Cakes with both a rich element and a fruity element would work well with Mirassou Riesling, such as a classic white or yellow cake layered with fruit filling, and frosted with buttercream. The form this flavor combination takes is limited only by imagination, and could even be adapted to cupcakes or mini fondant cakes, cookies, tarts, and trifles.

Other options such as carrot or spice cakes can also be very successful, as long as the level of sweetness stays in relative balance with the Mirassou Riesling.

Mirassou Riesling also makes a beautiful pairing with fruit desserts, including apple, pear, quince, fig, strawberry, Ranier cherry, apricot, peach, plum, nectarine and orange. For those seeking non-traditional wedding desserts, such as individual tarts, trifles, terrines and other fruit-based desserts, these can make a great alternative and even allow brides and grooms to bring in a local, seasonal fruit element as well.

If you're on a tight budget, a super-flexible wine like Mirassou Riesling can work triple-duty as a cocktail wine, a lunch or dinner wine, and a dessert wine. Mirassou Riesling has an elegant level of sweetness that pairs well with both savory and sweet flavors. With the addition of one red varietal for hors d'oeuvre and the main course, you can have a two-wine wedding plus a sweet wine for dessert, allowing more budget for food, music or flowers. If you add a red varietal to round out your wine offering, Mirassou Pinot Noir is also extremely flexible and pairs well with a broad range of foods, or Mirassou Cabernet Sauvignon is a popular choice to pair with full-bodied entrees, as well as chocolate.

Wedding Desserts & Wine Pairings 101:

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