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Mirassou® Monterey County Riesling

Viticulture Notes:

California winemakers are enthusiastic about the quality of the grapes from the 2010 harvest. The California harvest was challenging due to the wet spring followed by a late start and long, cool growing season ending with a summer heat spike. The summer heat spike allowed grapes to reach maturity, and although yields were lower than normal, the resulting grapes display remarkable quality.

Food and Wine Pairings

Winemaker Notes:

Most of the grapes were machine harvested at night to preserve the delicate fruit aromas. The grapes then went direct to press without destemming to minimize harsh phenolics. A press cut was taken and the juice was treated with a light fining to remove bitterness and improve mouth feel. The juice was centrifuged before racking to the fermentor where yeast was added. After two to three weeks of a slow and cold (55-65° F) fermentation in stainless steel tanks, our 2010 Mirassou California Riesling was fined, filtered, and spent two months in bottle prior to release.

Taste Profile: Our 2010 Mirassou California Riesling is soft and approachable with fruit-forward aromas and flavors of peach, apple, and citrus notes. As a result of the naturally firm acid levels, this wine is crisp and delicately structured and pairs beautifully with richly sauced poultry or seafood. Because of its inherent sweetness, it also pairs beautifully with desserts that have both rich and fruity elements.

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