Wine Tasting & Wine Education

Learning more about your favorite wines can help to make them even more enjoyable. You can visit the Wines section to read notes about the winemaking and taste profile of each of our eight unique varietals. 


Wine Tasting


One Way to get up close and personal with your wine is to have a wine tasing at home. It can be a great way for people to learn about wine in a relaxed atmosphere and hone their wine tasting skills. Click here to download our At-Home Entertaining Kit which includes a wine tasting mat and scoring sheet along with recipe ideas and a food and wine paring chart. Everything you need to make your gathering look professional without a lot of work! 


Wine Personality Quiz


Have fun taking our unscientific "Wine Personality" Quiz. Answer our questions to determine what your "wine personality" is, so you can choose the perfect wine for you and your guests.


You can also take our Wine Design Personality Quiz to learn what your home décor style says about your wine personality to help you select the perfect Mirassou varietal for any occasion. 



Where to Buy Mirassou

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Wine Inspired Recipes

Enjoy delicious recipes that complement Mirassou's distinctive wines.

Food and Wine Pairing Suggestions

Use our interactive tool to match the best wine for your dish or recipe.