Elevate Your Next Book Club

When book club is at its best, what you’re reading is just a starting point for an afternoon of lively conversation on all kinds of topics. Here are a few simple ways to treat your group to a great time.

Red or White?

We like to have both at the ready—so be sure to stick a bottle of white in the fridge a few hours before guests arrive. Mirassou Moscato, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are always popular choices.

Snack Talk

Cover your bases with a mix of salty, sweet and healthy snacks. Spicy nuts or truffle popcorn are savory favorites, candied pecans and chocolate hit the sweet spot, while veggies and dip add refreshing crunch. We also like looking to books for inspiration—whether that means ethnic eats or recreating dishes from the story, it’s just another way to make your event memorable.

Switch It Up

Choose a variety of books to keep everyone engaged. From mysteries and fiction to biographies and bestsellers, mixing it up gives you and your guests a chance to discover something new. If your group has a Facebook page, asking for suggestions or setting up a poll can be a good way to plan upcoming reads.


Everyone should take turns hosting so that, when it’s your turn, it feels like a special occasion. To avoid being rushed, you’ll want to get your reading done ahead of time—perhaps with audio books that let you sneak in a chapter while driving or tidying up.

If it’s nice out, you might move your discussion outside to the patio or deck—because every gathering is better with a little sunshine.

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