Make your wine gifts shine

You've got your go-to gift this holiday season: a bottle (or two) of Mirassou wine. Now the question is how to wrap it. We’ve rounded up creative, chic and easy-to-master techniques to ensure your wine makes a great first impression.

Get Crafty

Gather wrapping paper and twine. Lay the bottle in the middle of the paper to start. Then roll it up, and fold the paper in at the bottom of the bottle, taping it there and along the side. To finish, secure it with twine — loop it around the neck and tie it in a simple knot to give your gift a handcrafted feel.

Tissue Talk

This method could not be simpler and looks fantastic every time. Lay out a few sheets of tissue paper. Put the bottle in the center and fold the sides of the tissue over the top and bottom so they meet in the middle. Tape them together. Roll the bottle to wrap it up in the tissue completely. Twist it at the neck to ensure the tissue fits snugly and finish it with a bow. Ta-da!

Put a bow on it

For this easy-but-elevated style, you’ll start with a square piece of fabric about the size of a tea towel. We love using a print or shimmery metallic to make it feel extra special. Place the bottle on its side, halfway down the fabric. Fold the fabric over the bottom half of the bottle. Pull both sides of the fabric around the bottle and tie them into a bow.

Make it a moment

Trying out a new craft is half the fun here — so pour yourself a glass of Mirassou and try one of these techniques, or even all three. It’s the thought that counts, but a pretty presentation goes a long way too.

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