California Red Blend Wine

Mirassou Red Blend WineMirassou® California Red Blend


About the wine: 


The reddish-purple hues of the inaugural release of our 2011 Red Blend are reminiscent of a beautiful California sunset. As the Pinot Noir pioneers to California, we are paying tribute to this elegant grape that we introduced here more than a century ago by letting it take the lead in his blend. Its sophisticated flavors of pomegranate and dark cherry are well-complemented by Zinfandel's spice notes and red fruit flavors. To enhance the features of both varieties while rounding out the mouthfeel, we added a touch of Merlot. 


Viticulture Notes: 


A majority of the grapes for our 2011 Red Blend were selected from Lodi. Here, the warm days are tempered by cool breezes from the nearby Lodi. Here, the warm days are tempered by cool breezes from the nearby Lodi Delta, giving the fruit excellent concentration, with elegant ripe red fruit characteristics. The 2011 vintage was cooler, lighter and later than usual. A cool summer, followed by early autumn rains, prolonged the growing season and delayed harvest throughout Lodi. The longer, cooler growing season allowed the grapes to maintain a lower sugar level, leading to more flavorful, elegant wines. In our Zinfandel from Lodi, especially, we could taste the juicier and more approachable characteristics distincitve of this region. 


Winemaker Notes:

The Pinot Noir grapes for our 2011 Red Blend were fermented at a maximum of 80°F - a slightly lower temperature than the other varieties in the blend - allowing the wine to develop at an optimal pace, while gently extracting elegant flavors. We blended Zinfandel grapes to give the wine a unique, full-bodied texture, while Merlot added a rounder mouthfeel.